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January 10th, 2009.
Azotic’s Patent Portfolio Is Stronger Than Ever: Be Careful When Buying Enhanced Gemstones – Those That Derive Color From A Coating On The Pavilion Of The Stone May Infringe One Or More Patents of Azotic.

June 25, 2007.
Azotic Introduces Mystopia™ Topaz Process That is Capable of Producing a Broad Range of Beautiful Blue Gemstone Colors.

May 29, 2007.
Azotic releases new promotional card for Las Vegas 2007: "Mouthwatering flavors of summer".

May 25, 2007.
Azotic Press Release in response to '826 Patent Reexamination win.

May 25, 2007.
Azotic's '826 stronger than ever after The United States Patent and Trademark Office reexamined and upheld the patent.

May 1, 2007.
Azotic's response to the article "New Kind of Blue" in the April edition of Modern Jewelry.

September 19, 2006.
Azotic V Serenity Email Response