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Ron Kearnes

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Scott Anderson

Azotic Coating Introduces Mystopia™ Topaz Process That Is Capable of Producing a Broad Range of Beautiful Blue Gemstone Colors

New Mystopia™ Process Uses No Radiation and is Environmentally Friendly

Rochester, Minn. June 25, 2007 Azotic Coating Technology, Inc, a leader in high-quality coatings for Surface Enhanced Designer Gemstones™, announced today that its new Mystopia™ Topaz process is now available to jewelry manufacturers looking for an alternative to traditional blue topaz. The Mystopia™ process produces a wide range of stunning, specifiable blue shades, including Funky Blue™, Sea Jewel™ and Dolphin Blue™.

The Mystopia™ Topaz manufacturing process is environmentally friendly and does not require radiation. Moreover, by eliminating the need for a cool-down period, Azotic can provide fast turn-around to meet the needs of jewelry manufacturers and retailers. This patented manufacturing process also produces an incredibly hard and durable finish.

“Jewelry designers and manufacturers have been looking for an alternative to blue topaz that can deliver enhanced color, clarity and durability,” said. Ron Kearnes, President of Azotic Coating Technology, Inc. “Our new Mystopia™ Topaz is the perfect answer. Its available in 20 unique and inspiring colors, and our patented process completely eliminates the need for radiation during manufacturing.”

Founded in 1993, Azotic Coating Technology, Inc. is a leading provider of coating services for Surface Enhanced Designer Gemstones™. The company's products include more than 600 unique coatings used by jewelry manufacturers, and its processes use only high quality metals, oxides and nitrides to create nearly limitless design options for manufacturers. Azotic has also provided surface coating technology to the medical, semiconductor, aerospace and optical industries. The company's coatings are available to jewelry manufacturers through a network of authorized resellers. For a complete list of Mystopia™ colors jewelry manufacturers and retailers are invited to visit